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Designed to remove moisture and heavy organics from inert gas


Designed to remove trace amounts of Oxygen, moisture and heavy hydrocarbons from inert gas


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New EasyConnect Gas Filters from LabClear™ !

LabClear™ is pleased to announce the launching of its brand new gas filter, Easy-Connect! Now you have the convenience of high capacity, instant indication of the progressive absorption of moisture, AND ease of connection, all in one unit. There is no need to mess around with fittings, and tools. Just remove the old unit by loosening the round collar, and snap in the new unit, all within 10 seconds! Our spring-loaded valves will automatically isolate both the inlet and outlet lines (clearly marked on the unit) automatically as soon as the old unit is removed, and keep them isolated until a new unit is installed. The spent cartridges can be easily refilled with the new fill-mix from our refill kits.

The EasyConnect unit RGFEZ-250-200  is capable of removing up to 29 grams of water from an air stream at 20 ºC and 10% relative humidity while drying the gas to the dew point of -60 ºF ! The larger RGFEZ-250-400 will remove 58 grams of water. These water-removal capacities are well above similar units offered by others. RGFEZ-250-200CX and RGFEZ-250-400CX are specially designed to remove heavy hydrocarbons from inert gases. RGFEZ-250-200FCX and RGFEZ-250-400FCX will remove both moisture and hydrocarbons.

For further information, please visit our web-site, www.labclear.com, or contact us directly at techsupport@labclear.com for technical information, or info@labclear.com for pricing and sales.